Radio control system SAGA JOYSTICK SERIES


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· Dimensions: 230 x 95 x 110 mm
· Weight: 870g (with batteries)
· Food: 4 AA alkaline batteries.


· Dimensions: 253 x 267 x 150 mm
· Weight: 2400g (with cable)
· Rele: Max. 40 Rele on commands (programmable)
· Power supply: 24/48/110/220/380 VAC; 14 ~ 40VDC


· Frequency control: “Crystal”.
· I.D. Code: 2; more than 4 billion combinations (set on production, never strays)
· Operating temperature: -45 ~ + 80 ℃
· Range: up to 100 meters
· Hamming distance: ≧ 4
· Three-level indicator light.
· One of the axes of the joystick can be programmed to a maximum of 16 relays
· Body Material: Fiberglass.
· Moisture / dustproof / shockproof IP65 housing.
· Programmable features.

Modern radio control crane, with programmable features. The device has an elegant design and no external transmitter antenna (internal antenna).

SAGA1-L40 has the ability to install both inside the electrical cabinet and outside, is fixed to 4 special metal bolts with shock absorbers (supplied).

The device uses to transmit the signal, the frequency resonator “Quartz”. To ensure signal encryption and create security of use, the signal is encrypted with a special ID code (set by the manufacturer and has more than 4 billion combinations that never repeat). The SAGA1-L40 uses a modern coding system.

The manufacturer SAGA1- L40 has increased the safety of the device. Radio control is resistant to voltage drops, load transformer + 20%. The case of the device is protected from dust and moisture, as the case is impact-resistant, the degree of protection is IP65.

The developers of the SAGA1-L40 radio control have provided modern connectors for connecting the tip-sleeve.

The power supply of the radio control receiver by the SAGA1-L40 crane can be changed from 220V to 380V (installation of another transformer to power the 24 V receiver is possible); a jumper is provided for this in the receiver (for more details, see the operating instructions).

The power supply of the SAGA1-L40 radio control transmitter is provided by four AA alkaline batteries, and the transmitter also has an LED that signals when the batteries are low (blinking in three colors, red, yellow, green).

The crane control device SAGA1- L40 is equipped with two joysticks, two three-position switches, two single-stage buttons, an emergency stop and a rotary key mark.

The maximum number of commands that can be used in the radio control by the SAGA1-L40 crane is 40, there is also the possibility of programmatically changing the function response interval and programmatically excluding commands.

The optimal distance for transmitting the signal from the transmitter to the receiver can be up to 100 m, the distance depends on the third-party equipment used in the workshop, which creates radio frequency interference.

The power of the SAGA1-L40 transmitter is quite high 10mA, for devices of short range.

The body of the radio control of the crane has a high strength, as it is made with the use of fiberglass, which ensures reliable impact resistance of the equipment.

The certificate of conformity on the crane radio control is attached to the shipping documents.

The warranty for radio control crane SAGA1-L40 is 1 year.