Double-girder grab crane

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Double-girder grab crane

Bridge grab cranes are used in the business of recycling, energy, cement industry, and any other bulk cargo. The grab cranes are directly involved in the technological processes / chains of the respective business, and therefore the requirements for cranes are particularly high. Specific requirements – high / low temperature, dust, aggressive environment, intensity of operation, operational readiness – 24/7.

The grab cranes from ALEXANDRIAN CRANE SYSTEMS are ideal for these conditions – and can do their job without any restrictions.


Production of cranes AKS is determined in accordance with the applicable Ukrainian and European standards of cranes DSTU DIN EN ISO 13001 “Cranes – general construction” and DIN EN ISO 15011 “Cranes – bridge and gantry cranes”. It is calculated on the basis of S-class S3.
Declarations of compliance with technical regulations:

  • manufacturing and safe operation of cranes.
  • low-voltage complete devices.
  • electromagnetic compatibility.

Labor protection rules for the operation of cranes, lifting devices and related equipment NPAOP 0.00-1.80-18; dated 01.19.2018

Main characteristics:

  • Load capacity up to 20 tons.
  • Span up to 34 m.
  • Height of rise is up to 34 m.
  • Lifting speed up to 0 – 80 m / min (with load)
  • Lifting speed up to 0 – 90 m / min (without load)
  • Trolley travel speed up to 0 – 90 m / min
  • Crane speed up to 0 – 120 m / min
  • Type of grab – rope, motor, hydraulic.
  • Grapple, up to 8 m3
  • Opening speed up to 8 seconds
  • Closing speed up to 15 sec.


Main advantages:

  • optimal design for the maintenance of bulk warehouses and silos.
  • automatic, semi-automatic and manual control.
  • round the clock work.
  • management software and visualization.


Differences from competitors:

Reliability and high performance:

  • the design allows the use of the entire area of the warehouse or storage.
  • ensuring a continuous stream of the overloaded material at the expense of high performance.
  • The absence of an excessive level of the dust grab opens directly above the material in the warehouse or the feed tray.
  • complete cleaning of bins

High degree of universality:

  • A wide range of solutions can be implemented within a minimum time by individually modifying standard and serial nodes and mechanisms to meet specific performance requirements.
  • A real assistant to your business 24/7.


Components and equipment:

  • Two main beams with service platforms from two sides;
  • Four-wheel lifting trolley with a service platform;
  • End beams with geared motors;
  • System of current supply to the hoist; I-beam
  • Electrical control system for drives and safety modules; – in an airtight cabinet; – in the equipment room;
  • Control system; Control cabin with chair; Radio control system – remote control with joysticks;
  • Security system and visualization of the state of the crane;
  • Documentation and certification;
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