Double girder gantry crane

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Double girder gantry crane

A two-girder gantry crane is a mechanism that performs work on lifting a load and moves along rails mounted on a concrete foundation.

A two-girder gantry crane is used for complex operations in open areas or indoors.

Production of cranes AKS is determined in accordance with the applicable Ukrainian and European standards of cranes DSTU DIN EN ISO 13001 “Cranes – general construction” and DIN EN ISO 15011 “Cranes – bridge and gantry cranes”. It is calculated on the basis of S-class S3.
Declarations of compliance with technical regulations:

  • manufacturing and safe operation of cranes.
  • low-voltage complete devices.
  • electromagnetic compatibility.

Labor protection rules for the operation of cranes, lifting devices and related equipment in 2018

Main characteristics:

  • Load capacity up to 50 tons.
  • Span up to 40m.
  • Departure consoles to 12m.
  • Lifting speed up to 20 m / min.
  • Trolley speed up to 30 m / min.
  • Crane speed up to 120 m / min.


  • Reliability and durability.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Permanent high quality provided by standard and serial solutions.
  • Each stage of production from the input control of the material to the control assembly and painting is controlled by internal standards of tolerances.
  • The possibility of using standard cargo carriages from bridge cranes and the manufacture of box girders for proven technology.
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