Double girder crane

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Double girder crane

Bridge double girder crane is a mechanism that performs work on lifting and moving cargo across the entire production or storage area.

High payload in combination with long spans.
Reliable investments in efficiency and productivity.

In 90 percent of cases, a double girder crane is used if it is necessary to provide a load capacity above 10 tons in an intensive mode of operation, providing the client’s technological process with a reliable lifting mechanism.

Production of cranes AKS is determined in accordance with the applicable Ukrainian and European standards of cranes DSTU DIN EN ISO 13001 “Cranes – general construction” and DIN EN ISO 15011 “Cranes – bridge and gantry cranes”. It is calculated on the basis of S-class S3.
Declarations of compliance with technical regulations:

  • manufacturing and safe operation of cranes.
  • low-voltage complete devices.
  • electromagnetic compatibility.

Labor protection rules for the operation of cranes, lifting devices and related equipment NPAOP 0.00-1.80-18; dated 01.19.2018

Main characteristics:

  • Load capacity up to 100 tons.
  • Span up to 32 m.
  • Lifting speed – up to 50 m / min.
  • The speed of movement of the hoist is up to 60 m / min.
  • The speed of the crane is up to 120 m / min.


  • Permanent high quality provided by standard and serial solutions.
  • Large load capacity.
  • The design with two beams provides the ability to carry a high load on the overloaded volume. Also, the ability to carry high loads is provided by modern drive solutions, frequency regulation of speeds with sufficient power reserves of the drives provide high accelerations up to 1-2 seconds and short braking up to 1-2 seconds.
  • High performance cranes with double-beam design provides the ability to use high speeds up to 120 m / min, compared with single-beam cranes. This is especially important for production areas with long spans up to 200 -300 m or, if necessary, withstand high customer production cycles.
  • Gallery maintenance mechanisms. Allows you to speed up the processes during the scheduled maintenance or repair. This ensures high operational availability 24/7 and reduced downtime.
  • Individual selection of equipment, based on standard solutions, based on the real production needs of the client.

Components and equipment:

  • Two main beams with a maintenance platform;
  • Four-wheel lifting trolley;
  • End beams with geared motors;
  • System of current supply to the hoist; Festoon; I-beam
  • Electrical control system for drives and safety modules;
  • Control system; – Radio control; – Push-button remote mounted on a trolley; – Push-button remote control, regardless of hoist; Control cabin with a chair-console.
  • Security system and visualization of the state of the crane;
  • Documentation and certification;

The design and production of double girder cranes from Alexandria Crane Systems relies on an individual approach to the production needs of customers in terms of the safe operation of our cranes using serial components and mechanisms.

Standard solutions for all occasions:

  • Two-girder bridge crane on the basis of components – a load-carrying trolley and end beams of its own production;
  • High security at an affordable price.
  • Double-girder bridge crane based on the crane kit from Demag Cranes and Components Gmbh.
  • German quality is an intelligent control system.
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