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Dead-end stops from the manufacturer “Alexandria crane systems” ensure the safe operation of bridge, gantry and other cranes.

Used for crane runways – do not allow the crane to move along the crane way, dampen the speed of the bridge crane and do not allow the crane to leave or tilt over the crane way in various emergency situations.

They are installed on each track line at a distance of at least 500 mm from the ends of the rails with reinforced concrete beams, two on each side of the crane track, outside of which the track is not allowed to be operated.

It is necessary to set dead ends so that the buffer part of the crane simultaneously contacts the shock absorbers of both dead ends.

Dead-end stops take the load from the crane and prevent it from coming off the end sections of the crane way in emergency situations and in case of failure of the movement limiter or the brake mechanisms of the crane.

Stop deadlock is a prefabricated structure consisting of 2 brackets, studs and 2 square rubber buffers. Installation and fastening the stop on the rail at the expense of nuts.

Key Features:

  •  simple installation and disassembly;
  • compactness;
  • Made of high quality rubber.

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