Crane modular constructions – KVK


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Crane modular constructions – KVK

The light crane modular constructions KVK were first produced 50 years ago. And since then, Demag Cranes and Components GMBH has been the world leader in the light crane sector. Using our KVK systems you can meet any, even the most intricate, task of load-lifting and transport logistics.

The components of this modular system can be used to create:

  • suspended monorails;
  • single girder and double girder cranes;
  • rotary cantilever cranes and rotary cantilever cranes on a column;
  • lightweight portal cranes;
  • stacker cranes;

Due to the high flexibility of solutions, our KVK systems can be integrated into any production infrastructure and modified, if necessary, at any time.

KVK suspended monorail track.

Excellent solution for linear cargo transportation.

Solution adapted to your specific requirements for the movement of goods.

Main advantages:

  • simple straight sections;
  • complex branched systems;
  • carrying capacity up to 3200 kg;
  • any route configuration due to direct and radius sections, turnouts and circular sections;
  • providing communication between different levels of logistics at the expense of lifting sections to provide various reversible movements of goods in closed ring sections;
  • manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic movements are available.

High flexibility:

  • Paths can be easily adapted to any design features of your production premises thanks to a wide range of design solutions;
  • due to various sliding sections it is possible to transfer cargo from the shop to the shop;


  • suitable as a transfer of various tools (electric and pneumatic)
  • reliable power supply due to complete solutions (cable trolleys, clips for air hose, etc.) – for special systems for transporting liquids, compressed air, power supply for hoists, cranes and other equipment.
  • two-rail tracks as carrier systems for any handling equipment, such as manipulators or lifting devices.

Main technical characteristics:

KVK one-frame suspended cranes.

Secure and reliable solutions at a high level.

Suspended single-gage cranes KVK- light crane structures give you the opportunity to achieve reliable maintenance of the production area for transportation and precise positioning of a wide variety of goods.

Other qualities of single-beam suspended cranes KVK:

  • modular system design;
  • smoothness and reliability of operations;
  • smooth manual movement;
  • effective return on investment in the system;
  • specific configuration, to achieve individual customer requirements;

Briefly about the main features:

Optimal use of space:

  • optimal use of space due to minimal approaches;
  • fastening to the existing ceiling or roof structure of industrial premises;
  • no additional reinforcement requirements for crane tracks;

Simple operation:

  • easy movement by hand;
  • smooth movement, unobstructed operations due to the articulated connections between crane beams and carts;
  • low weight of structures;
  • client specifics and financially efficient solutions for production premises are also solved by our modules;
  • versatile applications thanks to a modular system of structures (for example, sliding sections for connection with monorail suspension systems for moving freight carts from one KVK system to another)
  • KVK cranes can also move along non-parallel crane tracks.

Main technical characteristics:

Single girder suspended crane: the maximum possible distance between the suspensions; span length and crane length.