Alexandria crane system

Design, manufacture, launch and maintain lifting equipment

Our mission

To design, manufacture and supply reliable, high quality product that will solve any production problems at each point of the globe; to care about ecology and the environment; to improve safety and quality of life of people together to achieve financial prosperity and to be proud of the choice of cooperation - now and in the future!

Our products

Our goods

Repair, reconstruction and modernization
Leveling, installation of crane runway
Spare parts
Inspection, assessment of the status of your equipment. Expert technical opinion
Installation, dismantling, commissioning and testing of your equipment
Documentary support, design works on the crane runways and flyovers

Why choose us

We design and produce turnkey
Pay attention to details
More detail
Own high-tech production
Individual solutions for reasonable money
24/7 support service


  • АЛТ
  • АЛК
  • АМГ
  • Арникон
  • Bauer
  • bsp
  • Карло Гавацци
  • Danffoss
  • Демаг
  • Ельфатек
  • Элмот
  • Euromecsr
  • GSM Reduttori
  • ifcem
  • Lapp Cable
  • Метинвест
  • Укрнасоссервиc
  • PTO
  • Intermash
  • Сага
  • Sayal crane
  • Складова техника
  • TKD Cable
  • Васел
  • Запорожсталь
  • Технополь

With us you forget about gravity. This is our question.


LLC "Alexandria Crane Systems"

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Mon - Fri: from 8.00 to 17.00 Sat - Sun: closed Support service: 24/7
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